The Green Jobs Social - Interview with Liam Tack - Director at Zone Recruitment

Liam Tack heads up Zone Recruitment, specialist consultancy in the Environmental and Construction sectors.

25th November 2015

Name: Liam Tack
Company: Zone Recruitment

When did you first start out in the Recruitment industry?
I initially started in the industry as a Trainee Consultant back in 2011

How did Zone Recruitment come about?
I originally fell in to recruitment almost by accident! When I started in the industry I had no intention of starting my own consultancy as I enjoyed the job and the people I was working with. However, I later had a difference of opinion with my then boss which lead to my dismissal. I had 2 choices - to look around for another position, or go it alone. I decided I had the ability and personality to make a strong impact in the Recruitment industry and as it was something I developed a passion for, I felt that starting Zone Recruitment would be my next step.

What kind of jobs does Zone Recruitment specialise in, and which regions do you cover?
At Zone Recruitment we specialise in the Environmental and Construction sectors, with strong connections and knowledge of the Asbestos, Pest Control, Water Treatment, Ecology and Landscape Architecture Industries.

What sets Zone Recruitment apart from your competitors?
Our attitude! We noticed from the very start that both clients and candidates were being treated as a source of commission by many recruiters and we wanted to change that. By treating people as people and being personable in our approach, we have established long lasting relationships with both clients and candidates not only in the UK but across the globe.

What's been the biggest challenge you and the company have faced since launch?
Initially we faced a lot of competition which was a challenge in itself (as in any industry), but our biggest challenge was our location. Being based in Southern Spain and recruiting for companies primarily in the UK was a huge challenge. However, with determination and hard work we have proven to our client base we are more than just effective and helping them with their needs. In fact our location is often a fantastic conversation point for anyone we speak to!

There can be no doubt that the rise of social media has had a significant impact on the recruitment industry. How has social media changed the way you work?
Social media plays a key part in our recruitment strategies. We utilise Facebook and LinkedIn the most and find that a large portion of our business is done via these mediums. Posting job vacancies on these sites that people can then like and share allows us to have a much wider audience and aide more people in their search for employment. It also allows us to join conversations and discussions with people we would only otherwise speak to on a “now and then” basis.

How important are job boards within your marketing strategy?
Job boards are vital to any recruitment strategy, not just to recruiters. However, the need for specialist boards like Green Jobs Online is becoming more apparent, as they have excellent knowledge of how to locate the right people, for niche positions.

What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given?
"Don't eat yellow snow" was invaluable as a child! In my current role however it was “never give up”. It may sound corny to some, but when we initially started Zone Recruitment those 3 words kept us going, when there were people who would have preferred to see us fail.

What one piece of advice would you give to other young entrepreneurs starting out?
Same 3 words I was told. Don’t give up. Starting a business is hard! There is no “key to success” and there's definitely no “quick way” to do it. You will struggle, you will have to give up things and you will (more often than not) bang your head against a wall! But with hard work, determination and self-belief, you WILL get there!

What's the latest news at Zone Recruitment?
Expansion! We are looking in to adding to our current staff in 2016 and we are also taking our service to more countries, with clients in New Zealand, Canada and the USA. We're also planning on inviting some clients (and even candidates) to special events we hope to run, as we're sure many would love to meet us face to face. We'll be making even more of an impact to our key industries.

Where would you like Zone Recruitment to be in 5 years’ time?
Our plans include the addition of industry professionals to our staff - and not just Recruitment Consultants - so that we can better understand the industries we work in. We also have plans to introduce a “Zone Recruitment Academy” and aide new comers in their ambitions. Watch this space!

Interview by Richard Marshall - Managing Director of Green Jobs Online

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